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Ayurvedic Treatments Ayurvedic Treatments
Ayurvedic Treatments Ayurvedic Treatments

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A gentle massage concentrating on the head, face and dÚcolletÚ. By working on specific energy points, this technique helps relax the facial muscles in their entirety, making the skin instantly firmer.
Mukabhyanga gets rid of stress and tiredness and is an excellent way of fighting premature ageing of the face.


The essence of this massage is encapsulated in the word “abhyangam”, literally, “the application of oil to all parts of the body”. Oil is the secret of this technique: it is a vehicle of energy through massage and a source of nourishment and healing. Abhyangam fights off the effects of ageing; it reduces fatigue, prevents and corrects imbalances of the nervous system, improves sleep, helps keep the skin healthy and boosts energy and vitality.


A more complex form of Abhyangam massage which generates a feeling of total bliss. The secret of Kerala lies in rebalancing the body’s energy sources. The body is completely freed from stress through this gentle technique, while the circulation is boosted.


This ancient Indian technique involves applying heat through small bags of herbs and spices.
The combination of heat and herbs is beneficial in releasing toxins and relieving swollen tissues and joints.
It is recommended as a treatment for muscle tension and stiffness, water retention and cellulite.


The ultimate wellbeing experience from ayurvedic science. This technique sweeps away the tensions of everyday life and fills the mind and body with a new sense of vitality.In Shirodhara a constant, regular stream of oil at body temperature is poured onto the forehead.
The warm oil permeates the head, taking you to a new level of peace and serenity.
Shirodhara is synonymous with relaxation and inner calm.

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