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Villa Ottone Hotel & Spa, Elba: Turkish Baths & ‘Wellbeing’ Showers

Turkish Baths & ‘Wellbeing’ Showers Turkish Baths & ‘Wellbeing’ Showers
Turkish Baths & ‘Wellbeing’ Showers Turkish Baths & ‘Wellbeing’ Showers
Turkish Baths & ‘Wellbeing’ Showers Turkish Baths & ‘Wellbeing’ Showers

Turkish Baths

Let clouds of perfumed steam envelop your body...

The Turkish bath is a sanctuary for purification, a ritual of slowness for mind and body, releasing all the stresses and strains of everyday life in a timeless dimension.
The benefits of Turkish baths have been known since ancient times. The Egyptians were the first to appreciate this tradition – now known around the world – which was inspired by the Arab custom of purifying the body using steam at different temperatures: hot, warm, cool. Combined with massage, a Turkish bath provides complete relaxation and offers an intense, long-lasting feeling of physical and mental wellbeing.
Turkish baths have various different benefits:
they deep clean and purify the skin, making it firmer and brighter;
they help treat inflammation of the respiratory tract;
they have a toning, relaxing effect, making them a useful treatment for stress and insomnia, rheumatic pains and muscular tension.

‘Wellbeing’ Showers

Awaken your senses in a rainbow of ‘wellbeing’ showers...

All the energy of colour to help the mind and body restore their natural balance. Cold mists, tropical rains and ‘wellbeing’ showers combined with sounds and perfumes take you on a journey around all five senses, stimulating the body’s vital centres. This treatment reflects the principles of Indian ayurvedic medicine, which has always acknowledged the influence of colour on the balance of our chakras.

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