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Traditional Massage Traditional Massage
Traditional Massage Traditional Massage
Traditional Massage Traditional Massage

A journey of transformation...

Traditional massages

Classic/Relaxing Massage full or partial

The Classic/Relaxing Massage technique is a balanced, co-ordinated combination of sliding, kneading, friction and rhythmic tapping. Using fine quality oils, this method helps you get back into shape. Classic/Relaxing Massage boosts muscle efficiency, improves blood flow to the tissues (and therefore improves circulation), helping get rid of toxins; it releases tension and stiffness, lifts fatigue, improves skin tone and produces an all-round feeling of relaxation.

Anti-stress Massage

A combination of different oriental and western manipulation techniques.
This treatment recharges the body’s biological clock, stimulating our ability for self-healing by revitalising cells, tissue and organs. Anti-stress Massage works on blood and lymphatic circulation, nerve regeneration, muscular relaxation and joint flexibility. It is personalised and tailor-made for each individual: listening to and understanding the individual’s body language and emotions is in fact an important factor.

Sports Massage - Relaxing Massage

This type of massage focuses on specific parts of the body to improve sports performance. It reduces muscular tension, stimulates local micro-circulation, unblocks and relaxes the tissues and has lymph-draining effects.

Essential Oils Massage

Massage featuring essential oils, extracts gathered from trees, flowers and shrubs.
This type of massage, which has its origins in ancient history, is designed to improve the harmony of the body, mind and spirit.
It is one of the most effective natural ways of relieving stress-related problems.

Beauty Massages

Facial Lymph Drainage

This facial massage stimulates lymph and helps eliminate waste, making the skin luminous and softening signs of tiredness and stress.

Body Lymph Drainage Massage

A massage with rhythmic and light movements in the direction of the lymphatic routes, oxygenating the tissues and encouraging drainage.

Anti-cellulite Massage

A massage that works on cellulite blemishes; which together with a specific cream helps melt fats and drains liquids.

Vodder Lymph-draining Massage

Boosts lymph drainage, improving the appearance of the skin and helping relieve uncomfortably swollen legs and feet. It enhances tissue regeneration and can be a useful part of cellulite treatment programmes.

Traditional and Beauty Massages can been taken on a «Zero1» bed:

The benefits of massage and the warmth of a gentle wave, like lying on the sands of a tropical shore.
A gentle caress which glides softly over the entire body - from the tip of the feet to the neck - every thirty seconds.

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