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Thalassotherapy for the Face & Body Thalassotherapy for the Face & Body
Thalassotherapy for the Face & Body Thalassotherapy for the Face & Body

Scientific studies have shown it to be an authentic medicinal solution: the beneficial, health-giving properties of the sea mean that thalassotherapy has been practised since ancient times. A valuable concentration of mineral salts and elements helps rejuvenate the skin and tone the tissues; it is also an effective lymph-drainage technique which helps remove liquids and toxins and prevent cellulite.
Thalassotherapy treatments draw on the synergies between the sun, seawater and iodine. Skin is left polished and soft and glowing once more; positive energy flows again and stress is swept away.
This beauty elixir has been known throughout history as a natural means of treating and preventing many conditions linked to the joints, respiratory system and skin.
Phytomer, the undisputed leader in healthy, reliable, revitalising beauty treatments for the face and body, has combined the benefits of the marine world with modern cosmetics.

Algae wraps

Dried seaweed wraps and seawater are a valuable means of reducing swelling, improving cellulite and boosting the skin’s circulation. Applied to the face and body, they nourish the skin and help purify it with mineral salts and elements.

Welcome to the world of Phytomer Treatments

A unique invitation to experience peace and wellbeing...

For the past thirty years Phytomer has brought its philosophy and unique experience of beauty treatments to the world. Phytomer, which draws its inspiration from the sea, is an international specialist in Marine Cosmetology. The surprising affinities between the structure of marine elements and the skin explain the complete tolerance and renowned efficiency of Phytomer beauty products.
Phytomer spas – exclusive beauty centres – are steeped in the spirit of the sea, a source of wellbeing and vitality. In peaceful, relaxing surroundings you’ll find the treatments which best meet your needs and desires. Phytomer beauty consultants, specialists in our exclusive treatment method, Méthode Réflexothermale, will give you the warmest of welcomes and find the perfect solution to your natural beauty needs.
Let yourself be guided by the marine spirit of Phytomer Blue Cosmetics and discover our Spa treatments and techniques: bring out the very best of your natural beauty.
Our treatments include Face and Body packages with exclusive self-warming mud, various types of personalised massage, algae and mud wraps and cellulite, contouring and slimming treatments. They are designed to help detoxify, oxygenate, drain, demineralise and remove toxins from the skin and stimulate the metabolism and circulation.

Treatments available partially in the Nuvola Bath

Nuvola is a unique experience. Warm water gently turns the massage table into a wonderful embrace which helps the body unwind and the mind relax completely. Using a special underwater lighting system, Nuvola produces a special colour sequence which helps you relax fully in no time, thanks to the beneficial, toning effects of the water.

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